The MAX and PACE vary slightly in terms of speed and stability, but both are great beginner boards!

Broadly – the MAX is a ‘mountain bike’ the PACE is a ‘racer’, so your choice depends on your style of paddling and expected use. 

The MAX is a slightly more stable board- therefore a little less manoeuvrable than the PACE. The MAX has a 130kg maximum recommended payload (around 110kg/ 20st recommended paddler weight limit), the PACE 120kg (around 105kg/ 18st recommended paddler weight limit), so the MAX has the edge for touring or carrying small passengers. 

The PACE offers a little more fun as you develop skills – slightly more manoeuvrable and quicker but a shade more balance required. The PACE is also a better option if you are planning on paddling in the sea or on choppy waters, as the pointed nose allows it to cut through these conditions with ease. You may also find it more rewarding once you progress past the novice phase. 

Having said that, they are both aimed at novices and either board will certainly give you lots of rewarding paddling!